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Coach Designer Bags - The Most Popular Designer Handbags

Coach Handbags are Second Most Popular Designer Handbag

Designer Handbags Louis Vuitton Monogram Manhattan

Coach bags are the second most popular designer handbags worlwide but it will probably come as no surprise to learn that the most popular designer handbags of all - in terms of 'handbag 'chat' on the designer handbag and purse forums and in terms of Google searches - are Louis Vuitton handbags. It is also worth remembering that it is estimated that 99% of all Louis Vuitton products sold are fakes ! So if you are interested in getting a genuine LV bag take care - to know if a Louis Vuitton is a fake or not check out here - how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton

(Louis Vuitton Monogram Manahattan)

The reasons why LV are the most popular handbags are easy to understand -Designer Handbag Coach Horse and Carriage Louis Vuitton was the one who started it all. He established his company in 1854 in Paris, which was initially a luggage company, and when he died in 1892 his son Georges made it into the foremost designer handbag maker in the world.

(Coach Legacy Large Coach and Horses)

After Vuitton the second most popular designer handbags are Coach handbags which are popular because they are high quality, stylish handbags sold at affordable prices, that cost hundreds of dollars rather than thousands.

The next Designer Handbag Balenciaga Covered Giant Work3 most popular are Chanel handbags, Balenciaga and Hermes if you consider the number of discussions on handbag and purse forums.

If you consider the number of Google searches it is Gucci handbags, Balenciaga, and Chanel.

(<---Balenciaga Covered Giant Work)

Designer Handbag Gucci Jackie

(...............................Gucci New Jackie ----->)

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