How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

Coach Designer Bags - How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag Video

Coach bags are the second most popular designer handbags that people buy. They make high quality bags at a reasonable price but how do you spot a fake Coach bag ? Check out this video from the charming Coach expert buyer to see all the things you have to watch out for

To summarize these are the main points when it comes to how to spot a fake Coach handbag - a) any letters on a Coach bag should be perfectly symmetrical b) there are 2 rows of Cs c) signature prints can be on the inside or on the outside but not on both d) all stitching must be even and perfectly straight - flawless everywhere e) any leather piece on the inside must have a serial number f) the zipper should be high quality as it is designed to last a lifetime g) the hardware is nickel or brass i.e. heavy h) there are no plastic or paper wrapping around the metal parts i) the buckle must be tight j) Coach dustbags are high quality k) any leather on a Coach bag is seriously thick and high quality - Coach bags and purses are built to last a lifetime

Finally, Coach bags may seem expensive but they will last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives

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