How to Clean a Handbag?

Coach Handbags - How to Clean a Leather Handbag?

Cleaning a Handbag

For most leather handbags and purses you can clean them with baby wipes, or mild soap and water. If you have a stain, clean it off using one of the above options, there is litle chance you will damage your bag.

Suede is more difficult - but sometimes you can proceed carefully with a nail file.

There is no bag cleaning service specifically for Coach handbags but they make products to clean their bags. For smooth leather you need Coach Cleaner and Moisturizer Set. For Jacquard fabric you need Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner. They suggest not to use the cleaners or moisturizer on ink or oil or grease. For Nubuc they have a brush and eraser set.

The Coach FAQ on bag cleaning is here Coach Bag Cleaning Tips

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